Monday, May 21, 2012

Front Porch

The front porch was a pleasant surprise. In the design phase we knew we wanted a front porch as integration of outside and outside areas is important and entry's are visually important. We also wanted something a bit different than the stock roof over decks, both for visual differentiation from the rear and to have outside spaces that feel different.

Deltec had a handful of front porch options, we picked the one that the footprint and overall feel best matched our house vision, it was a 5 minute decision and one we didn't reopen or pay much attention to. We didn't even think about what it was made out of, really how it would look, there were limited choices, we picked the one that worked for us and never looked back.

When it was unloaded from the truck, I was a bit shocked. It had massive cedar post and beams, was made by an outside specialty timber frame company and looked much more super than I expected. It's also very tall with the tall house walls, almost Buddhist templeish.

The porch components inside on the main floor.

A late night of us sanding all sides of each piece of wood.

 A sanded piece next to an unsanded piece. Sanded on left.

The temple being erected.

Most of the skeleton up.

The main entry view.

Almost complete! The porch got rained on partway through erection, so it needs a light sanding prior to weather protection (LandArc) being applied, but those two steps will finish it. The view/seating from the front porch is quite nice. Kristina determined that we should not have a window to the right of the front door so seating could be out there and not block a window, that was a very good call. The micro window on the left of the main entry will be a bathroom window.


  1. I'm Amanda's sister, Pam. We saw the house when we visited her in May. Can't wait to see the finished product. Would love to see an update on the pond. Is it filled yet?

  2. Almost filled! There is about 3' left to fill, the liner is a tad low/close to too low in three spots. That crew should be back in a week or so to touch those up and then we fill and plant water plants. I think there will be a big post shortly after that happens!