Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Winter 2015 Vacation!

So we took a major vacation this winter. Hit LA on the way to Baja where we spent a week camping via kayak on islands. It was a pretty awesome trip. LA was surprisingly fun, we lodged in an arbnb near Thaitown (LA has America's only Thaitown), ate a lot of Thai, did a 32 mile bike tour around LA (which was a great way to see the city) and hit the LA farmers market (wow, it is huge!).

So cities can be fun. Who knew?

So we started with a boat ride to see grey whales with babies. It was pretty amazing. Hard to capture the size and majesty of a whale.

Whales are big. The boats are small.

The kayaking was fairly light, 6 miles a day was typical, a bit under 10 maximum. Relaxing and fun.

A cornetfish, they can change colors in the blink of an eye. This one is about 3' long. 

The general landscape was much more mountainous that I expected. 

Sally Lightfoot crab, there were lots and lots of them. Very colorful and fun.

That much gear fits in one single kayak. Three 6 liter water bags were omitted from the photos, so that's not even all of it.

Got to harass some wildlife.

Watch out for the little poison buggers 

Puffer fish be chillin. And dead.

Vistas like these were the constant backdrop to the trip.

It's pretty easy top sneak up on birds by swimming up to them.



  1. Awesome pics, thanks for sharing! Most cities are about 10x more fun when you're on a bike! We want to go to baja now!

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