Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In the beginning.......

Hi, my name is Chris and I'm here to share the building of a house, a home, a homestead and maybe the second half of my life. This blog is at least five years late as the adventure began, depending on where you start counting, in November 2006 when I purchased the land for this homestead.

As there is significant back story the journey is going to jump around in time, a lot, I'll try to be specific about the when of my posts as they may not be chronological as posted.

My full time companions on this journey are Kristina, my fiance, and Nixie, my black mouth cur. There are many part time companions, we will introduce those characters as the story unfolds.


Picture omitted as I'm just barely smart enough to
know not to publish her picture without her blessing.


That's all for the moment, despite being February 1st I seem to be crawling with ticks from a short hike with the dog. Gotta go and delouse before Lyme disease strikes.

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