Sunday, March 11, 2012

The house concept.....

To start in the middle (well I hope it's the middle) of the story.....This spring is the spring of breaking ground and getting the shell of the house up. We went with a Deltec house, which is an almost round design (it's got 20ish flat panels, so there are flat walls to put furniture and such against).

Why Deltec? Why a round house? I've always had a non-conventional flare and this is unique enough, while being from a respected company that's been around a long time, a quality well established and tested build method, no super odd earth ships or any thing really crazy, but the views, the energy efficiency, the quick build time after it arrives, the green department to help make a lot of the efficiency decisions, the customer support which has enabled me to easily step into the role of general contractor, all added up to the right solution.

I did go through several different designs before ending up with Deltec, a rammed earth SIREwall focused design, a SIPS over timber frame, a different round house company, but none quite fit the bill as well as this house. I'm not going to go into those designs at the moment, maybe I'll share pics of them at a later date.

Here are pictures of the design and floorplan of what we decided on....

It's mainly single floor living, with a walk out basement under the main round portion. The basement will be unfinished for now, but gives expansion options. The basement will certainly have a pile of bikes and kayaks in it almost as soon as the shell is complete.

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