Monday, March 19, 2012

The compound

So what the heck are all those buildings/structures in the background?

The compound currently consists of a geodesic dome greenhouse, a yurt, a pole building, a mobile chicken coop, a covered wagon/tent thing for young poultry on a old trailer frame and three metal shipping containers.

Photos and an overview of these are below, a few will get more detailed posts in the future (Greenhouse, chicken coop).

When I first purchased the land my priorities were to figure out how to live here prior to a house build, to make a home for the business that allows all this to exist and to get some of the infrastructure for an eventual home installed (well, septic, driveway).

My first priority was really the shop/office/garage as without a functional place to work, the wheels rapidly fall off the wagon. A pole building with a finished interior was my solution. It's about 20% office 40% workshop (bath and laundry shoehorned into that space) and 40% garage. I don't seem to have any good exterior pictures. I'll rectify that shortly and edit this post.

Second up was the yurt, zoned as an accessory structure, they do not meet code for a dwelling (but man, they are nicer than most dwellings, I'm not sure why  any law should discriminate against people wanting to live in one). It's basically a more or less permanent tent. It has served well as bedroom and living room for the last few years. It's heated by a wood stove, all the wood has come from either remains from the logging on the property that happened prior to my purchasing or storm downed wood. With the wood stove going, it stays plenty toasty even on the few -10 degree F nights we get most winters.

Yurt in winter

Yurt interior

One of my employees, Amanda, is into raising poultry so we collaborated (and continue to as the adults pardoned at Thanksgiving have breed and with luck will be with us for a long time) on a turkey raising project. For shelter between the very young stage (when they need to be indoors and in a heated area) and when they can be outside 24/7 we built a turkey shelter on an old trailer bed. It's mainly cattle panel (the metal mesh) covered with canvass tarp. A couple RV leveling legs on the corners enables stability.

Greenhouse in fall. Specs, features and "Why this greenhouse?" saved for a future post.

Chicken coop, surrounded by young turkey. Designed so it can protect a small outdoor area, eventually I protected a larger area with electric fence so the poultry could roam and be fairly protected.

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