Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cast and Crew

Where did my manners go? I failed to introduce you to the cast and crew of our little project before the last post.

--I'm short a few photos of people, so this will be updated as I track them down!

Jeff, the star of the build. He's a perfect fit for the crew and the projects needs. He has been building/leading Deltec builds for 30+ years. He's an independent, certified by Deltec, consultant. His web site is..... Pioneer Building  Even after only 3 days I can firmly say, if you are building a Deltec (which I also think is a darn good idea), hire Jeff to lead your local contractors to build the shell. If he were local I'd hire him for the entire shell and interior build.

The carpentry crew is a team from Envinity. They have done a couple other projects for me leading up to this build, specifically solar panels and the deck on the yurt. I'm hoping/intending for them to lead/do the interior build. Great guys, excellent attitude, great work ethic, an amusing set of personalities. Chris, Andrew, Jon, Mark and a second Jon are the main crew.




Tall Jon

Missing Picture!
Birder Jon

My people include my parents and some friends/employees. Dad's got a bunch of building experience and Mom is making and providing hot lunches for everyone, which is super awesome and enables people to focus on the project knowing that good food is never far away.

Mom (Pat) hard at work providing for the troops!

Dad (Jim)
I can't seem to catch a picture of him at the job site, he never stops moving and works too quickly for camera shots. Luckily his batteries occasionally need recharging, making him able to be caught on camera.

In addition Aaron, Elise, Chelsea and Kristina have all been working hard and are keeping the build moving. Amanda has mainly been holding the business together while we have been building the house, but I'll see if I can catch a picture of her in action soon.

Elise, happy as can be!

Kristina, hiding from the camera behind a ladder while nailing walls down.


Chelsea (lifting the entire floor solo).

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