Thursday, March 29, 2012

Basement walls and upstairs floor trusses!

Basement walls and the majority of the floor trusses are on! A good portion of the flooring is also glued and nailed down. It's pretty freaking amazing to see it come together.

The partial Deltec wall/partial ICF wall caused a bit of stress/figuring, no big delays, but I can see the value of staying all one wall type per level now. I don't think I'd change how I did it, but it would be more of a coin toss if I were doing it again now. I'd also advise making a ICF foundation about 1/2 an inch tighter than the Deltec plans so a little bit of bow/variation in the ICF stays within the skirt perimeter. It works either way, but room to move and for a bit of variation is good.

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