Tuesday, March 27, 2012


First two days of the build have gone well. Mainly truck unload and organization. I'm pretty tired, so no particular wit or commentary from me tonight.

 Started with single panel unloading. The lack of padding made the amount of scraping and paint damage quite unacceptable.

Full packs of panels unloaded as one seemed to fix that and be about 50 times quicker.  Note the expert Best Line Rental product placement.

 Truss unloading.

 Floor trusses. That is a titanic amount of weight!

 Riding around with sliding doors.

Andrew and Chris and the first board! Andrew is the GQ looking guy, Chris is the one working.

 That. Is. A. Lot. Of. Stuff.


  1. Wow! That is A LOT of (good) stuff! Looks like you guys are well on your way now!