Sunday, April 8, 2012

Decks, garage!

Things are coming together! Work has moved to decks and the garage and connector room going to the garage. Some of the deck sections have roofs ofter them so need to be done before we can put underlayment on the roof to get things mostly weather tight. We are pretty heavily crewed through Wednesday, then we start really ramping down on manpower (expert Jeff and Dad both head out and many/some of the Envinity folks start moving to other projects) so hopefully we are setup for a few high accomplishment days.

The jig game down, the house stayed up, that was a big milestone. Looks like Amanda almost got hoisted into the rafters in the process.

Work on the decks, Amanda actually getting up on a sorta high point (she's very height adverse).

Cutting the holes for the deck beams.

Lots of deck accomplishments over the weekend. Well setup for big progress on Monday.

Other big weekend accomplishments were getting all the garage and connector panels set and a good start on the roof trusses on both.

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