Sunday, April 15, 2012

Time flies.....

Jeff and Dad headed home prior to daybreak Thursday, so things have slowed a bit. Envinity and my people worked on garage roof, roof over deck roof and a bunch of detail work like strapping in the garage. We also did a bunch of site cleanup and re-organization, Envinity will not be here in the coming week so we will focus on a bunch of non-carpentry work.

This week we will be pouring the garage slab and doing earth work so we can get seed down, grass/clover growing, and see what our final grades really look like.  I think we will also be doing a lot of caulking and foaming of seams and getting house wrap nailed down so it is not hurt by wind.

The Amish roofers are going to stop out this week to get the roof bid finalized and hopefully started soon. I'm going with a Velux sun tube (their flashing system looks like it would work well on the peak of the roof) for the center of the house and skipping the stock coupla that came with the house. With luck we will see how that works within a week or so.

It's worth noting that in the Deltec build process there are many, many to do items that even a completely unskilled homeowner can do during a Deltec build, things like nailing strapping, caulking/spray-foaming joints, nailing down housewrap take many hours of unskilled labor.

Garage seen from the end. The plywood panel will have a door in it.

Garage connector roof trusses.

Garage from interior. The end will probably eventually be sectioned off into a room. Could be a little office or music room, no firm plans at this point but it will be a nice place to expand into someday.

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