Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thunder rolls.....

Dad has been here this week leading on front porch deck joist install, which has been great to see come together. He's also been killing some of the technical know how needed tie-ins and other time consuming details that I would have kludged together or which would still be on the to do list.

Aaron has been hard at work getting things foamed, caulked, typar sealed and taped. Not the most fun jobs, but the progress has been great.

Cory came back for one last trip this spring and poured the garage floor. Which looks awesome and is good to get done.

The front door/garage door representative, Dennis, came out today for a site view and gave some instruction on finishing up the garage door area and to see the site/house. The garage door installer should be stopping in for a site visit soon too.

Rain is coming in this weekend and the roof isn't sealed up, which is a bit worrysome, so I called in the Amish roofing SWAT team which should get the sticky underlayment on tomorrow (starting at 6:30am, ug) and give a more or less waterproof structure till they return to do the real roofing.

The excavators were back today and moved an incredible amount of earth getting us much closer to final grade, which is awesome to see. Tomorrow they connect the sewer/water/conduit for electric/phone/etc and continue grading. Monday they work on prepping the pond for a liner, which should be done by the end of the week, so that will be another huge project getting wrapped up.

Next week will also bring the arrival of the masonry crew to start on the cultured/phony stone work. Also the return of Envinity for a week or two to finish up whatever roof sheathing still needs completion and to start on the Hardiplank siding and do a couple more window/door installs, if they have time beyond those items maybe interior framing will be begun.

It has been one heck of a week. Next week is likely to be big too!

Dad setting deck joists from the flying scaffold.

Dad checking front porch joists for straightness/bowing. Notice that the grade has been brought up to final under the deck.

Front porch deck frame, tied in to the walkway seen to the right.

Garage floor finished!

View from front.

View from Rear.

View from over dry pond.


  1. Chris, Elizabeth here, Kristina's friend...

    I am LOVING watching this blog. I can't believe we haven't made it out there. It's ridiculous... But we are cheering you on from afar.

    : )


  2. Glad you are following and enjoying! You will have to wander out one of these days. I admit I've been pretty preoccupied and focused on this and work, not getting out much!